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31st May 2017, 7:54 AM

LJ Phillips

Skoll is a tad....overprotective of Caliban.

We finally get to see Quartz, the third protagonist in this tale.

He's a gargoyle, a race of elite stone Flyers. Gargoyle Aeries have little in the way of natural resources. Their economy is built around training and exporting the best airborne mercenaries in the world.

Like all gargoyles, Quartz began his training at an early age and a third of his salary gets sent back to the Aerie.

Quartz is the perfect foil for Caliban and Skoll, stoic where Cal is open and Skoll is well, Skoll.

In contrast, Quartz is so reserved that he only lets himself cry in mid-air. That way no one is likely to see him crying except maybe a pigeon or two.

Notes: Quartz's new look. Gargoyle's horns change throughout their lifetime.

He's currently the gargoyle equivalent of clean-shaven here but his pebbly stubble will return in the course of the story. Nice way of showing the passage of time.

This page is a nod to Jenkin's and Lee's top class run on Marvel's Inhumans.

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