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The Cast Of Chasing Ice

Caliban Deadfall
Cal came of age after the Skins lost their territories. He grew up barefoot in the Deadfall reserves, a place with no tolerance for those who are different. Barely educated but with a heart of gold, he forms the story's moral center. 
Race: Skin (a race of feral shapeshifters akin to werewolves.)
Skoll Wynterfloe
A Dog Squad veteran, he caused a scandal when he left his female mate for Caliban. A good man with a dark past, he is as loud and (some might say, obnoxiously) outspoken as Cal is shy.
Race: Skin.

Sed Stonehaven 
Considered a freak by other supernaturals, Sed is no ordinary gargoyle - s/he's a Facet, a being who cycles naturally between genders. Sed's love of luxuries and danger led the gargoyle to dabble in black-market alchemy. 
Race: Gargoyle.

Quartz  Stonehaven
Sed's twin and mirror-image. Calm, intelligent and rational, Quartz is a deeply lonely man who finds himself admired rather than liked by his peers.
Race: Gargoyle.

Hedwig Straymond
A disgraced ex-soldier banished from the Coven, she's as dangerous to her enemies as she is loyal to her loved ones. 
Race: Skin.

Miss Good 
The unofficial sovereign of the Krag. The Nos mob rules the Krag and the immortal Miss Good rules the mob.  
Race: Smoke (vampiric beings who feed on the breath of the dying.)

Miss Good's brother. Like his sister, his real name is lost in antiquity. Time has burned away everything but his appetites. 
Race: Smoke.

Alpha Tyr Coven
Caliban's Alpha and the head of the Dog Squad. A brilliant but cold man, it's often said that he puts the well-being of the Coven above all else.
Race: Skin (but unable to shift forms due to use of suppressants.)

Tyr's lover. A somewhat camp angel-faced charmer with a hidden capacity for violence. He handles the Coven's "quiet work."
Race: Smoke.

Magus Jordan Lee
The Coven Magus. Moral and direct, Jordan oversees the magical affairs of the Coven.
Race: Human (albeit one with unique abilities.)

Alpha Vinegar ("Call me Vinnie") Tom
A roaring bear of a man, he spends most of his time in beast form protecting the Coven forests. 
Race: Skin.

Supreme Alpha Chuck Bonefield
The Coven commander. Old-school with antiquated views on manhood and sexuality, he does as much as possible to prevent "human values" infiltrating the Coven. 
Race: Skin.

Gray Cohen
The Coven healer and probably one of the better adjusted Coven staff members. The plump healer devotes her life to saving lives and when that's not possible, easing pain.
Race: Smoke.

Mr Glass
One of Miss Good's enforcers. Also specializes in the Krag flesh trade. 
Race: Troll.

Dolph Blackriver
Dolph chooses to remain in his large Second (wolfman) form permanently. No one has even seen his more human form. He's calm, reasonable and respected by his peers.
Race: Skin.

The Coven's barman. Lloyd wears a succession of disturbing masks and simultaneously acts as the barman at every bar on the Coven island.
Race: Unknown.

A gay troll.
Race: Troll.

Patrick's best friend. 
Race: Rock gnome.

The islands
The Coven and Krag are neighboring islands that remain under supernatural rule. The Coven is under paramilitary rule while the Krag is a place devoted to crime, pleasure and excess. 

Notes: Most supernaturals take their last name from their homeland or territory. Smokes usually take the last name of their human parent. Rabbit was abandoned by his human mother as a very young child and claims to have forgotten his last name.

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