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16th May 2017, 11:20 PM

LJ Phillips

High magick can only be performed by trained magick users.

But more limited version of magic (without a "k") can be used by any layman with a feel for it. As long as they're willing to fuel it with blood.

This chapter is narrated by Skoll (hence the different font for the "voice over.")

Skins are pretty resilient when it comes to heat and cold. It takes fairly extreme temperature drops to affect them.

Despite this, Cal is not enjoying his icy equivalent to a bath.

Notes: Finally got around to doing character sheets of all my species.

Skins, even in their more human form, still have animal-like legs. It's one of the features that prevents them from passing for human even from a distance.

Edited Chapter One and changed Cal's voice over to a unique font.

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